Why write?

Writing excites me. It excites me in the same way that blackouts make my heart palpitate.

It is the process of writing that I like. Most of the time, the end-result is not so great. The mere effort of stringing words and creating something readable and usable to at least one other person on earth makes it all worthwhile.

Ironically, while it excites, writing is also a calming respite from the mayhem of this  world. I create my own breathing space on a piece of paper (or a page of MS Word).

For me and the other introverts who do not talk much, writing gives the chance to say something and be heard.

Writing is all about telling and sharing stories. We all have one (imagined or true) longing to be told and shared.

If you visited this site because you wanted to learn how to write a memo, click on:  How to write a memo (literally)



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