Can writing be taught?

Someone recently asked me this question and I instantly said yes. I believe everything can be learned.

I was thinking, if it could not be taught at all, then English / Filipino / language / communication / creative writing / journalism courses would be useless.

Sadly, most of these courses are meant to uncover the writer just hiding beneath a cloak of self-doubt. These are really useless if one did not, in the first place, learn how to write a proper sentence in elementary school.

If one did not bother listening to his or her Grade 3 teacher drone on and on about nouns and pronouns, singular and plural words, and subject-verb agreement, everything’s screwed.

I’m not a grammar expert. Not at all. I make mistakes — lots of them. I have a lot to learn but I sure am thankful Mrs. Brondial (my Grade 3 teacher) kind of gave me a head start. I will be forever grateful.


If you visited this site because you wanted to learn how to write a memo, click on:  How to write a memo (literally)



  1. Natasha McNeely

    I second what you’re said here. Writing can be taught and the earlier you dive into it, the better. Creativity is another story, but the bare essentials for writing are something that can be taught to people.


  2. jennifaye

    Right. The bare essentials of writing can be taught. Creativity is another story in the sense that it can’t be taught but definitely can be developed. After all, human beings are made to CREATE.


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