7 Steps in the Creative (Writing) Process

At the most recent edition of Writer’s Block Philippines’s freelance writing workshop, Filipina award-winning playwright, novelist and writing coach Tweet Sering gave a very interesting talk about writing as a creative process.

Writing is not something that can be done on a whim. There’s a creative process involved here. And these steps can be taught.

She said the process of writing, or creating anything for that matter, is similar to the “steps” laid out in the Bible’s story of creation.

Here’s a rundown of The Creation Story from the first chapter of the Book of Genesis, as summarized in http://christianity.about.com, presented here with Tweet’s short writing tips as I remember them.

(Day 1) God created light and separated the light from the darkness, calling light “day” and darkness “night.”

Step 1: Know.

Creating and seeing light is knowing. What do you know for sure? Find your creative gifts. What do you enjoy doing even for free? What do other people approach you for help? What is your truth? Write about what you know.

(Day 2) God created an expanse to separate the waters and called it “sky.”

Step 2: Validate.

Is your truth attainable? Can it be done? Is it viable? Is it feasible? What separates your dream and reality?

(Day 3)  God created the dry ground and gathered the waters, calling the dry ground “land,” and the gathered waters “seas.” On day three, God also created vegetation (plants and trees).

 Step 3: Attract.

Surround yourself with people and tools who/which can help you get closer to your truth.

(Day 4) God created the sun, moon, and the stars to give light to the earth and to govern and separate the day and the night. These would also serve as signs to mark seasons, days, and years.

Step 4: Commit.

This is the most important bridge from a mere idea to reality. Just start somewhere.

(Day 5) God created every living creature of the seas and every winged bird, blessing them to multiply and fill the waters and the sky with life.

Step 5: Practice.

Get better with every draft. Write, write, write.

(Day 6)  God created the animals to fill the earth. On day six, God also created man and woman in his own image to commune with him. He blessed them and gave them every creature and the whole earth to rule over, care for, and cultivate.

Step 6: Be brave.

Name your emotions and motivations. By creating something, you put yourself out there. Be authentic. Be real.

(Day 7) God had finished his work of creation and so he rested on the seventh day, blessing it and making it holy.

Step 7: Let go.

Allow your work to speak for itself. Do not oversell your work. Do not be too hard on yourself. Relax and step back if you think you have already done your best.


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