Press forward

Our story is a soundtrack
Of dissonant tunes
Off-key songs
And garbled chords

The tracks go with a B-movie
With a plot so complicated
Only you and I can understand
With twists so absurd
Only you and I can stand

Not one of the songs will win a Grammy
But that’s really fine
I guess I’ll just press forward
One song after another
Awkward silent gaps between tracks

One track after another
Until it all ends
And there’s nothing to do but stop.

Then I’ll put one foot in front of the other
I’ll move forward

A few years from now
I’ll hear the faint strains
From a long-forgotten soundtrack

No matter how familiar
The sounds won’t hurt me

Everything will be a distant, hollow echo
Of love songs past
And I’ll just hum along

(Written for Sunday Scribblings #280 Forward)



  1. jennifaye

    The ‘seed’ for this piece was actually written years ago. I originally meant this to be song lyrics so I asked a friend to create/arrange music. It’s still an unfinished song…rewritten as a longer poem for Sunday Scribblings. 🙂 Yey.


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