Writing Tip: Where to look for writing opportunities

Ok, so you know how to write, but don’t know where to put your skills and talents to good use. Though getting your story published in a magazine has long been considered the “seal of approval” for writers, there are many other opportunities. Here’s where you could get writing jobs and opportunities:

Traditional Media:

  • Newspapers (national, regional, foreign)
  • Magazines (local, foreign)

 New/Alternative Media:

  • Websites, blogs and other online formats
  • Mobile content

Advertising & PR agencies:

  • Marketing and corporate copy
  • Press releases and features
  • Scripts for corporate audio-visual presentations (AVPs)

Networks & production outfits:

  • Scripts for TV, radio, movies
  • Scripts for events and AVPs


  • Large corporations (speeches, annual reports, corporate collaterals)
  • Multinationals


  • SMEs & microenterprises
  • Start‐up entrepreneurs


  • Academe
  • Civil society
  • Government
  • Artists

(Learned from Writer’s Block Philippines. For workshop schedules and other useful resources for writers, please visit WBP’s website.)


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