Writing Tip: How to deal with writer’s block

To a writer, a blinking cursor on a blank page is the scariest thing. Here are some tips on how to bust that writer’s block. There are probably as many unblocking styles as there are words in the dictionary so choose your own adventure.

Create your own space and time. Find out what time of day you work best and schedule your writing activity accordingly. Give yourself a nice, uncluttered place to do your writing. Work on one thing at a time. Multi-tasking is just plain confusing. Be Zen about everything, including writing. It simplifies things.

Do something unrelated to writing. Give your mind a break. Watch a movie or a TV show (cartoons are best!), listen to music, bake a cake, clean your closet, walk your dog, exercise.

Apply lateral thinking. Read newspapers or magazines. Surf the internet. Go blog-hopping.

Freewrite to generate ideas. Write the first thing that comes to mind. Do not censor. Do not edit. Free your thoughts and let them flow, even those unrelated to your topic. You can also use photographs as writing prompts; create captions or form stories out of it.

(Learned from Writer’s Block Philippines. For workshop schedules and other useful resources for writers, please visit WBP’s website.)



  1. amyleebell

    Great idea to give your mind a break. I stared at the computer for six hours this morning, and I feel like I’ve been sleeping all day – headache and all! Thanks for the ideas!


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