The gullible ones rush in where the sensible fear to tread
But the ruddy glow of a song
Mellow yellow sunshine
That day they spent together
Both not knowing exactly how or why
Smug in the foolishness of it all
Spinning on the fulcrum of subliminal longing
Her untidy, muddled thoughts
Rustle and shudder with his every word

(Written for The Sunday Whirl Wordle 32 and Thursday Poets Rally Week 57)

Thank you for The Penguin

 Didn’t expect to win

Sounds like a cool award

 Making 18 comments wasn’t that hard 🙂

 Thank you Thursday Poets Rally for the Perfect Poem Award.
I nominate Halfway Between the Gutter and The Stars for the next award.



    • Jennifaye

      Thanks Rohit! I’m not sure about ‘sensual’… I’ll write something more deserving of that description next time. 🙂


  1. CC Champagne

    This made me wonder why it is always the woman who is pictured as ‘hanging on every word he says’ rather than the other way around… I like it when what I read create their own questions and thoughts in my mind! Well done!


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