Who would’ve thought
They’d make slippers out of glass
Who would’ve thought
She’d wear a pair

Spasm orgasm
Rapid pulsations
Grip her tiny feet
Rare elements of style
Or stupidity
All for one magical night with him

The enigma of pain and pleasure
Wanting to be released

So she ran away
At the stroke of midnight
Tumbling out
Into the spacious piazza
Leaving one glass atrocity behind

Took off the other
Now barefoot
Not looking back
Finally weightless
And free.

(Written for The Sunday Whirl Wordle 34, Sunday Scribblings #297 Fairytale, and Thursday Poets Rally Week 58)



  1. elainedanforth

    I assume the picture is a prompt you went by. This is a very good story– so much feeling and adventure, but it seems the best part is when the adventure is over. So often is that true in life.

    I was surprised how you began with an erotic scene and ended on a more deeply emotional story of breaking free from the trappings of that scene and all its restrictions. You brought in that twist very skillfully, I think.


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