I surrender

Resistance is futile
Take a leap from the logical
Learn life’s greatest lesson
From a jolt of inspiration

Detach from the pain
Of all-knowing, all-seeing
Surge toward just being

Countless possibilities
More than the stars
Shimmering from afar
Sing to me
And what else I could be

Let go of what I know
And what I don’t
To explore the infinite
Boundless beauty

Then turn my back
On brokenness
Unkept promises
And everything
That did not go as planned

For there really is no plan
Right here
Right now
The universe gives me exactly what I need
Not what I want

So I let go
I trust
I surrender

(Written for Three Word Wednesday – Detach Jolt Surge, Poetry Picnic Week 25, The Poetry Pantry #86 and Sunday Scribblings #305 – Lesson)



  1. mbwilliams

    This is really, really good. I love the idea of taking a leap from the logical to find possibilities as many as there are stars. That is what we are doing as poets, after all!


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