At wit’s end

Restless ghosts whistle
They know the shadowy past
Nestled in sores that fester
Reputation scorched
On live television
Bizarre entertainment
As balance seeps
Smudgy straps of accusation loosen
Witty retorts
From the court that contorts
The afternoon seems so long

(Inspired by this story. Written for Sunday Scribblings #307 – Wit, The Sunday Whirl – Wordle 44)



    • Jennifaye

      Television is a cruel medium… moreso if the topic is as sensitive as impeaching the chief justice. Hey, thanks for visiting daydreamertoo! Really appreciate the comment.


    • Jennifaye

      Be thankful that you have been spared. πŸ™‚ I put a link to the news item at the end of the post. Do read it if you’re curious.


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