The Writing Project

I was looking for something else to prompt me to write. There came a point when just beating deadlines, avoiding to earn the ire of my bosses, and the promise of a monthly salary were all that pushed me to write. Thankfully, I found that drive again to write by getting into this…this blog thing.

Now, about the …errhm…poetry thing… (sorry, it still cracks me up to think that I aspire to be a poet.) Well, it all started with this blog, Thursday Poets Rally, and a poem entitled First of Summer inspired by the music of Urbandub.

To the ones reading this post now – those who just chanced upon this site on the WordPress homepage and those who actually clicked on the “subscribe” button to follow this blog — THANK YOU. You don’t know how much this means to me.  I am especially thankful to those reading this from the other side of the globe. To any writer, it means the world to just be read. It’s as simple as that.

Here’s to more quotes, tips, and poetry. 🙂



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