At the Museum of Modern Art

Picasso was here
In the reluctant answer
In the murmur of the cement
In the dense smoke
The lie that makes us realize the truth
In the cumbersome gaps of silence
That pelt the entranced senses
In the map of thoughts that stray
Forever wandering
But never to be lost
Never to be lost again

(Written for Sunday Scribblings #308 – ModernΒ and The Sunday Whirl – Wordle 45)



  1. brenda w

    Museums are treasure troves of discovery. I LOVE what you’ve done here. It gives me strong desire to stand in front of the painting and search for that “found” place. Beautiful write.


  2. Old Egg

    Picasso is old hat now but still confronting as he destroys his subjects. He and others in his field certainly shake us out of our complacency to look deeper into the work to find another story.


  3. elizena

    I love museums and when I was younger I dreamed that my parents had purchased a museum and we’d moved in. I remember there were gemstones, dinosaurs, bears, old scrolls, everything in our museum and then I’d wake up and be so upset that it was dream. LOL!
    Anyway, I’m glad I live close enough to Chicago to visit the museum whenever I want. I hope you have an awesome weekend. Be blessed.


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