Shadow Play

Two dark figures move.
The blank wall is our playground.
Block the light and dance.

(Written for Poetry Picnic Week 26: Seven Deadly Sins, The Poetry Pantry Week 90, and Thursday Poets Rally Week 63)


"Lust" Image via Wikipedia



        • elizena

          I read this like three or four times actually. The fourth time, I was transported to a dark room full of roses and candlelight. Two lovers dancing to their own music and watching the movement of their shadows on the wall that the candlelight cast. The music something only they can hear and their blended shadows a reminder that they are one forever.
          Each time I read it I felt or saw something different, but this last time it made me feel the warmth of the candlelight and I could actually smell the roses, the fragrance was so strong, just like the love in a true committed relationship.
          Sorry, I went off into my own little world again. LOL! But when something is good, this’ll happen. Be blessed.


          • Jennifaye

            There’s no right or wrong interpretation to poetry. That’s the beauty of the words we create. 🙂 Again, thank you for your gracious comments.


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