In orbit

Crescent planet Neptune (image via Wikipedia)

Amorphous memories
Cling to rust-colored languid afternoons
Time starts and ends at a grassy park
Where flying kites and football games
Rolling clouds and wayward sunsets
Fill in the silences
Time stretches
To prolong the longing
Time heals all wounds
But not this one
The pain incandescent
Yet she stays
Hangs out to hang on
Sits close enough beside him
Shoulders touching
Lightyears traversing
He fills her world ethereal
Suspended reality
Her ephemeral dulcet dream
Time warps
“A silent hereafter is in orbit”

(Written for Thursday Poets Rally Week 64 and Sunday Scribblings #310 – Suspended Reality)



  1. Paul

    ‘Hangs out to hang on’, loveley imagery letting me into the feeling of the poem, or my interpetation of it. can really feel the echoes in its hopeful tragedy.


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