Recapturing the magic of writing through blogging

Writers Block Philippines published this today. What a great way to cap my two-day sick leave. Happy weekend everyone! #Sinutabismyfriend #Ineedsomefreshair

To read the full story, click on Recapturing the magic of writing through blogging.

“In a major way, blogging and writing poetry sparked my interest in creative writing and romancing words. I received no formal training on this type of writing, but I am emboldened by the fact that so many blogs are out there, and not all of them are great. Do I intend to uplift the quality of writing out there? It ís a noble intention that seduces, but right now, it just feels good to write for leisure and have my voice out there in the worldwide web blackhole.  

As I continue blogging, I find that the process of discovering and writing more excites me. It excites me in the same way that power blackouts at work make my heart palpitate. I would love to learn more. 

I realized that it is the mindful, zoning-out process of writing that I like. The end-result may not always be great, and I would have my bosses and/or editors to thank for. But still, the mere effort of stringing words and creating something readable and usable to at least one other person on earth makes it all worthwhile.”


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