Staring at a blank wall


The wall on September 20, 2013: I was mesmerized by it as I sipped my Php25 coffee. It was the perfect time to ponder about life. Ironically, I believed caffeine had the  power to steel, not rattle, nerves.


The (same) wall as I’m writing this on October 17, 2013: Roughly a month after, I’m back to this place. The one with the harsh clinical lighting. The one where people wear masks. The one where I am reminded that just to breathe normally, willfully, and naturally is such a blessing, a miracle of life.

I’m still doing my favorite mindfulness ritual — staring at this wall while sipping my Php25 coffee. I don’t know which has the power to calm, to strengthen, to assure — the wall or the coffee?

Or maybe it’s the silence?


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