Guilty pleasures

Earlier tonight at the Vanilla Cupcake Bakery... (chicken cordon bleu with rice not mine)

Earlier tonight at the Vanilla Cupcake Bakery… (chicken cordon bleu with rice not mine)

This…after more than a week of “half-cup rice, half-cup veggies” diet. This…after I swore off processed meat from my meals. The ham and cheese sandwich and fries, I regret now. Ugghhh. Processed meat. And gooey cream cheese which I mistook for mayonnaise.

Absolutely no regrets about the cupcakes though. No. Never. Every bite was worth it. Cupcakes are up there with unicorns, rainbows, gummy bears, and glitter dust. They simply make life happier.

So now, in a cupcake-induced stupor as I look at my calendar, I’m thinking there are still 18 days left before this month ends. Not that bad at all. I have 18 days to see if I can stay away from processed meat which I declared as part of my “living without” experiment for February. (By May, I’m supposed to shun cakes. Oh dear.)

Staying away from hotdogs, tocino, and kikiam the past week was surprisingly easy. Ham proved to be my downfall. And it was not even some fancy variety, which could have made the lapse all worth it. I mean, if I truly (deeply, madly) enjoyed every bit of the ham, I would have just let it go and not be all whiney about it. But nooooo, it tasted so-so and I finished everything served on my plate. So much for resistance.

Meanwhile, juicy, salty-sweet-spicy beef tapa likewise pervades my hungry thoughts usually at breakfast time, but I’ve been psyching myself up to resist. I can totally do this! I’m pretty sure beef tapa isn’t in the same league as rainbows and cupcakes.


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