Tall, dark and handsome, with impeccable spelling and grammar please (?)


Is it really too much to ask for in a guy? I’d say yes, it’s too much and it wouldn’t really matter once I’ve been swept off my feet. But that’s just me. For a friend who herself writes, spelling, grammar, and English proficiency seem to be the ticket to dating bliss. She laments the dearth of “good guys.” And by “good guys,” she means crush-worthy, physically attractive guys who can tweet, post, express their thoughts clearly and flawlessly.

Will that really matter at all? Will it muddle the gene pool? Will grammar trump other qualities like wit, charm, and sense of humor? Are we so enamored with perfection that not being fluent has become a bait for ridicule and shallow laughter, and a source of embarassment? What’s wrong with missing a letter here and there, misusing idioms, or being unable to make subject and verb agree and ride off into the sunset?

If he’s a great, lovable person, he just is. His awesomeness will shine through his limited vocabulary and sentence construction skills. Might be laughable, yes, but perfect grammar’s just not everybody’s best asset/skill. It shouldn’t be. Prince Charming just might be amazing in math, martial arts, or knitting.

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