So I signed up for yet another social media account, LinkedIn, and realized, as I typed out my online CV, that I’ve been working for 15 years straight! (Slow clap. Tears.) 15 years! And I’ve been meticulously paying all my taxes! Yay!

The greatest feeling is looking back at my own experiences and heaving a sigh of relief to say, “Yessssss, I enjoyed and endured all of that” — the bad and good bosses, the GM who didn’t like me for the job vs. the director who trusted and believed in me, the manager who questioned my motives vs. the mentor who vouched for me and came to my defense, the most endearing and most annoying co-workers, the pat-on-the-back moments vs. the kick-on-the-shin moments, the laughable mistakes vs. the please-kill-me-now mistakes, the crazy working hours, late late lunches that merge with merienda, the instant pancit canton dinners and the lucheons at fancy restaurants, the art exhibits ohmygawhd the art exhibits, the free brewed coffee from the kitchen, the free lunch with a salad bar at the dungeon/bat cave/cafeteria, overtime work without extra pay, Christmas and NY holidays at work, the monthly tax-free SC, the rainy day commutes, the last trip MRT rides from Ayala to North Avenue Station, the official coverage assignments where I spent my own money just because I loved my job, meeting and interviewing so many interesting people, covering the old Chefs on Parade, photo shoots of all sorts, working with F&B to invent and actually give a name to the Drink of the Month, photo exhibit all-nighters, typhoon season power restoration all-nighters (with MagicSing!), … so many memories.

That chunk of a paragraph just made me smile. Really, that wasn’t so bad at all. 🙂


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