Hospital Stuff

This will be another rambling post as I’m writing from the hospital yet again. I stayed here for a week before Typhoon Glenda hit and I came back just a few days after. Been here for another full week doing errands and stuff. “Stuff” includes buying meds and supplies, getting blood, and generally just…being here…for any instructions whatsoever from the doctors or the nurses or any papers that have to be signed before tests and procedures can proceed.

So, I’m just…here…now.  And it looks like I will be staying for another week or until he gets better. Thank God, he seems to be recovering.

Save for the lady pharmacist and a few guards, they have the nicest people around here — the doctors, nurses, nursing aides, rad techs, pulmo techs, cleaning ladies. They all look so friendly and familiar now. Even the shopkeepers at the 7-11 are familiar faces. I figured out the shifts so I actually have an idea who is manning the store right now. Meanwhile, the cashier at Isla Cafe was pirated and she is now dispensing medical supplies at the ground floor. I also know from experience that some medicines and supplies are much cheaper at a nearby hospital so I walk all the way there most of the time to get some of the meds. That’s how long I’ve been staying here; I practically live here.

And this much I’ve learned: The hospital is such a sad, lonely place. Sure, sick people go here to get better, but uncertainty hangs in the air. It is the uncertainty that is unsettling.

I don’t know if this painting has the power to calm nerves, quiet sobs, hear prayers, and assure people on the brink of hopelessness…


…but it is located right outside this…


… beside this ugly, passive-aggressive poster.


The Smoker’s Body is prominently displayed on an easel stand, visible to the relatives of MICU patients. What an interesting piece of “art” it is.

Speaking of art, I found these at the main lobby:


Lung and Jelly Beans (Kidding! This is "LCP 2001" by RS Cheng, M.D.)


I Heart My Lungs (No, actually this is "Nature and Humanity" by RS Cheng, M.D.)


My favorite: A giant doodle from "wewilldoodle". The banderitas are no match to the dreary lighting.

But wait, there’s more! For some strange reason, there’s a photo exhibit at the hospital lobby as well.

Presenting: The Royal Kingdom of Bhutan!








So now, I’m thinking of going to Bhutan…


…after he gets better, that is.

Told ya, rambling, meandering.

It’s the mid-day visiting hour. Have to go and do “hospital stuff” now! Bye!

*Edit: There’s a logical explanation to the photo exhibit after all, and it’s here:

Kudos to VISTA for the beautiful images of Bhutan! VISTA is composed of Garrie David, Ricci Jimenez, Connie Padilla, Tony Ramos, Keith Sundiang and Eddie Concepcion.

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