August: A month without sleeping in on Sunday mornings

(Part of A Year of Living Without)


I'm sleepy. Go away.

The Challenge: A month without sleeping in on Sunday mornings. Say hello to a fast-paced productive weekend!

Planned replacement habits: Wake up early and exercise for at least 30 minutes!!! Go to church in the morning!!! Do more housework!!! Use exclamation points to mentally push myself to do this!!!

Month-end Report: Guess what? Total failure. I’ve been spending more and more days and nights at the hospital. August whizzed by, I hardly noticed. Been sleeping late, waking up late, and rushing to the office after my night shift. That was no excuse to avoid exercising, but yeah, I’d rather catch up on sleep in the mornings — Sundays or other days of the week, like busy busy busy Mondays. So there, good luck with the September project.

Up next in September: A month without tardiness


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