My Ukulele Project

It could be done. I did the seemingly impossible: I now know how to play a four-stringed instrument, thanks to a one-time lesson at Uke Box Caffe, and endless hours of ukulele tutorials on Youtube.

For someone who was forced to take formal piano lessons for years but never learned a single thing, this ukulele thing has been a major accomplishment.

I learned, maybe because I was not forced to do it?  I’m not really good at it, but WTH I can read chords now and my fingers somehow know which part of the fretboard to press. And then there’s music — melodious, twinkly and bright music. It’s mind blowing.

My personal target at the start of the year was to learn one song per month and to devote at least two hours of practice time per week. I wrote it down on my vision board. I’m “overtarget” now, and there’s still so much more to learn and explore like plucking and chunking.

Strumming is still a struggle and most chords still perplex me (especially E), but I realized that a random decision I made seven months ago has given me hours and hours of fun. (Some of my recorded practice sessions are chronicled at Clyp.)

It’s impossible to be unhappy and emo when  playing the ukulele. Learning has given me a strange sense of purpose and accomplishment (like, “f*ck it, I can’t fix my life but I can play the ukulele”).

*Got my concert ukulele from The Four Strings in Cubao X. It’s quite possibly the best birthday gift I ever received begged for.


Concert uke from The Four Strings


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