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Who versus Whom: When to use which

Honestly, I’m one of those people: I simply  avoid having to write or use whom. I do conduct a “meaningful, productive life without whom.” 🙂

Thanks to Grammarly, I’m gaining the confidence to use whom.

Here’s a great tip on when to use who and whom:

Use the Pronoun Switch Method.

If you can answer the question with the pronouns him or her, use whom.

If you can answer the question with the pronouns he or her, use who.

Use the pronouns he, she, him, and her to help you decide. If he or she makes sense in the sentence, use who. If him or her makes sense, use whom.


To whom are you submitting the report? I am submitting the report to her.

Who is going to the museum? He is going to the museum.

The woman, for whom the song was written, was blushing as the song’s first verse played.

The song was written for her, the woman who was blushing as the song’s first verse played.

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When to use it’s and its

Dang. This made me smile. 🙂 It’s not as amusing though when I see this in the work that I edit. This is one of the most annoying grammar mistakes ever.

Once and for all:

It’s – short for it is or it has
Its – shows possession like his or her

To expound:

Better yet, don’t write “it’s.” Write the full version. If you cannot use “it is” because the sentence does not make sense, then use “its.” 🙂


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25 common words that I got wrong (or how my bad grammar is so nauseous, it’s making me and the people around me nauseated)


Here’s a useful article from I learned so much from this.

My favorite is item #20: plethora.

What you think it means: A lot of something.
What it really means: More than is needed.

Plethora simply means that there is more of something than is needed. For instance, you may think that 5,000 people is a plethora of people. However, when you put them into a hockey arena that seats 13,000 people, it’s actually less than half capacity and therefore not a plethora. If you had 13,500 people in that same arena, that would be a plethora of people.

Read on and weep.

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