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(Para kina Fro, Ella at Cel)

Kwento ng init-lamig-init
Mga planong walang plano
Ng pulpol na mga arkitekto
Nakasulat sa hangin
Bakasyon na walang aksyon
Mga pangarap
Tunaw sa araw

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Galley port

Mina de oro
My one golden breathing space
Open sea glistens

Graceful island dance
Hypnotic beats, crashing waves
Quiet in the din


Puerto Galera sunset

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A few of my 575 favorite things…

Football reminds me
Of summer-dreaming giraffes
Soya milk mornings

Sweet-salty popcorn
Subtitled foreign movies
The best afternoons

Babys and Sharpies
Elephants from Bangalore
Spotified evenings

(Written for Thursday Poetry Rally Week 81)


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I will take it all in
And let it all out
Hold on, I will not
Ungasp, ungrasp
Inspire, expire
Stoke my fire
Silence, wash over me
Calm me
Soothe me
Let me just breathe

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Time slows down
Keeping time with me
Pacing with every breath
A silent hereafter, in orbit
On repeat
What is yet to come

Time speeds up
Keeping time with us
Every second that’s precious
Every minute, divine
Grasping on hours, insistent
We’re chasing days and sunbeams
Holding on to the months and moonbeams
Embracing the years sublime

Time is all I have
And it’s all I’m sharing
The very best of me
In every day of my life
Spent with you

Time is all we have
And it’s all we’ll ever need
All the time in the world
Distilled in a single moment
Our time
Our now

The Prompt: A Bend in Time

When you’re giddy with excitement, does time speed up? Slow down? Tell us about the experience of anticipation.Photographers, artists, poets: show us WAITING.

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