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Time slows down
Keeping time with me
Pacing with every breath
A silent hereafter, in orbit
On repeat
What is yet to come

Time speeds up
Keeping time with us
Every second that’s precious
Every minute, divine
Grasping on hours, insistent
We’re chasing days and sunbeams
Holding on to the months and moonbeams
Embracing the years sublime

Time is all I have
And it’s all I’m sharing
The very best of me
In every day of my life
Spent with you

Time is all we have
And it’s all we’ll ever need
All the time in the world
Distilled in a single moment
Our time
Our now

The Prompt: A Bend in Time

When you’re giddy with excitement, does time speed up? Slow down? Tell us about the experience of anticipation.Photographers, artists, poets: show us WAITING.

Woohoo for The Daily Prompt! Bookmarked and ready for more.

Where have all the poems gone?

Perhaps to a place that despair forgot

A place where angst was brought to naught

Where time has dulled the pain

Of the now blissfully happy, insane

Where have all the poems gone?

Perhaps to a place far away from here

Only in the silence will I hear

As I breathe, the words will flow

And the verses need not go




Quote: Write what you’re afraid to write about

Quote: You can’t write poetry on a computer

This is the reason why I keep an old-fashioned lined notebook even if I do blog. I love writing while lying on my bed. :) What do you think? Do you agree with Mr. Pulp Fiction?

“I always say that you can’t write poetry on a computer, but I can take this notebook places, I can write in restaurants, I can write in friends’ houses, I can write standing up, I can write lying down in my bed — I can write everywhere.”

(from Quentin Tarantino Interviews by Quentin Tarantino and Gerald Peary)

Ring bound notebook

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Recapturing the magic of writing through blogging

Writers Block Philippines published this today. What a great way to cap my two-day sick leave. Happy weekend everyone! #Sinutabismyfriend #Ineedsomefreshair

To read the full story, click on Recapturing the magic of writing through blogging.

“In a major way, blogging and writing poetry sparked my interest in creative writing and romancing words. I received no formal training on this type of writing, but I am emboldened by the fact that so many blogs are out there, and not all of them are great. Do I intend to uplift the quality of writing out there? It ís a noble intention that seduces, but right now, it just feels good to write for leisure and have my voice out there in the worldwide web blackhole.  

As I continue blogging, I find that the process of discovering and writing more excites me. It excites me in the same way that power blackouts at work make my heart palpitate. I would love to learn more. 

I realized that it is the mindful, zoning-out process of writing that I like. The end-result may not always be great, and I would have my bosses and/or editors to thank for. But still, the mere effort of stringing words and creating something readable and usable to at least one other person on earth makes it all worthwhile.”

Hawaiian Tropic