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Night sky lights, shine on
Into the cosmic unknown

Waiting to collide
Lightyears seem to glide

Celestial ties bind
Hearts beat in time

My neutron star
Never too far

“Give me your hand and you will see.
Your heart is keeping time with me”

(Written for Thursday Poets Rally Week 66. The last two lines were quoted from one of my favorite songs: Aqualung’s Brighter Than Sunshine.)

An artists's concept of the 2004 occurence in ...

An artists’s concept of the 2004 occurence in which a neutron star underwent a “star quake”, causing it to flare brightly, temporarily blinding all x-ray satellites in orbit. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

UPDATE: Thank you Thursday Poets Rally for the Perfectly Charming Poet Award. I nominate Blue Platypus for the next award.

It seems like a STRETCH. Thought the rhymes are  wretched. Thank you for the award. Making 18 comments wasn’t that hard.